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Defendant acquitted of murder in Oklahoma City

Standing trial on murder charges is a nightmare that few people will ever face. But those who are innocent of the charges face a special type of hell as they endure pre-trial incarceration while their lives hang in the balance.

One 40-year-old Oklahoma City man was recently vindicated at his trial on first-degree murder charges. Last month, the jury in an Oklahoma County courtroom returned a verdict of "not guilty," allowing the defendant to savor the taste of freedom after many months behind bars.

Include access to digital assets in your estate plan

In our digital world, it is an important part of any estate plan to keep an updated record of usernames and passwords for digital records and assets.

Heirs of those who die suddenly will not be able to access important documents stored in the cloud without the proper authentication. This adds another layer of stress for them at an already very sad and stressful time.

Norman woman arrested for unauthorized charges

One sure way to know that the bloom is off the rose in a relationship is when one party presses charges against the other. That's what happened to one Norman woman recently after a man she had allegedly dated accused her of using his credit cards to run up more than $20k in unauthorized charges on multiple accounts.

Oklahoma authorities began their investigation into the case after the victim reported back in May that his 38-year-old girlfriend had accessed his accounts without his permission. After reviewing his statements, the man found multiple unauthorized purchases.

When your elderly parent can no longer live alone

If you have elderly parents who are frail or in failing health, it's certain that you worry about them living alone in a less than ideal housing situation. But even if they concede that their arrangements aren't the best, parents loathe to lose the last vestiges of their independence and moved into assisted living.

Can adult children convince their parents to move?

Factors that affect blood alcohol content

Many people end up drinking and driving in the state of Oklahoma every year. When police pull a car over on suspicion of driving under the influence, they will check the driver's blood alcohol content to see if it is over 0.08. While people should ideally drive with a BAC of zero, they can technically get off the hook as long as it is lower than 0.08. A variety of factors impact this number. 

Drivers need to be aware of how alcohol affects them personally. One person may still be well under the 0.08 limit with two alcohol drinks while two drinks will put someone else over the edge. 

Many barriers to adoption may be overcome

Childless couples and single adults who want to adopt sometimes mistakenly believe that they would not qualify for an agency adoption because they are north of 50, have a disability, identify as gay or lesbian or for other reasons.

While it's true that some agencies may be reluctant to place babies or children with prospective parents in certain demographic groups, that doesn't apply to all agencies. Those who have a desire to adopt a child should not let go of the dream without exploring various pathways to parenthood.

2 Norman retailers again selling glass pipes and bongs

As of this month, Norman residents will be able to shop for bongs and glass pipes at the new Ziggyz Cannabis Co. on W. Main Street and The Friendly Market in its new location on Porter Avenue. The latter store had to close the doors at its former site in 2015 after two police raids resulted in inventory seizures.

The Norman Police Department, backed by the Cleveland County District Attorney's office, twice raided The Friendly Market for selling items that authorities claimed were drug paraphernalia. The store owner fought the case all the way to the state Supreme Court where he won a hard-fought victory. Yet, he still is negotiating with the Norman poilice to release the seized inventory from two years ago.

Do you need a parenting plan for custody of your teenager?

If you are a parent of a teen and are contemplating or in the throes of a divorce in Oklahoma, one thing you will need is an effective parenting plan if you will be sharing custody of your teen with the other parent.

Keep it flexible

Do you have these basic estate planning documents in place?

It's a fact that few of us like to contemplate our own mortality. But planning for life's eventualities, including the big one — death — is part of the maturation process.

That's why it's important for those in their 30s to consult an estate planning attorney to draft some of basic estate planning documents. This is important whether or not you are single, married or whether or not you have children.

How to deal with your college student's first DUI

When your children go off to college, you hope they will make good decisions. However, you likely know that making mistakes is one of the best teachers around, and one mistake many college students make is drinking while underage.

When cars are involved, that mistake can become compounded; it may even result in a DUI charge. If your college student has been arrested on DUI charges, how can you, as a parent, react appropriately while remaining supportive?

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