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Don't let summer custody changes trip you up

Change can be hard on people. This is especially true for nonnuclear families of minor children.

Summer typically brings changes in parenting plans and custody schedules. While not inherently unwelcome, the interruption of the usual day-to-day arrangements can be unsettling for both the kids and the parents.

Long-term care and tips for getting parents to listen

One problem with long-term care for the elderly, many children have found, is that parents are often not interested in listening to the suggestions their children provide. They grow stubborn. They are used to being independent and in charge, and it can be hard for them to lose both of those things.

For instance, one woman said that her mother and father would not accept caregivers and kept living in a home by themselves, despite the risks. In the end, they wound up falling multiple times, they needed numerous surgeries and the woman's father actually passed away.

Is your abuser 'gaslighting' you?

Some forms of spousal abuse leave bruises and scars in their aftermath. But while it leaves no physical traces, mental abuse is far more insidious. One form of it is called "gaslighting."

The term is derived from the play Gas Light, which debuted back in 1938. In it, a husband tries to drive his wife insane. He does this by dimming the house's gas-powered lights while denying that the lights ever flickered. Learn how a modern version of this can be done to victims of domestic abuse.

Can I get arrested for defending myself in an attack?

The words "self-defense" sometimes get tossed around like a hot potato in an attempt to justify harm done to another person. But it should be noted that there are formidable legal parameters regarding what is self-defense and what is illegal assault and/or battery.

So, how does one know where to draw the line between what is legal and what is not? Admittedly, it can be a sticky wicket, and once you cross state lines into another jurisdiction, the rules will usually change — sometimes markedly.

Do's and don'ts of divorce

Unfortunately, all marriages don't wind up as "happily ever after." Although in recent years, the divorce rate in America has declined, some couples will eventually wind up facing a divorce, whether it's wanted or not.

To make sure that you get the most out of your divorce as possible and endure the least amount of drama, the following do's and don'ts may be helpful.

What to do if you think a divorcing spouse spies on you

During your divorce, you and your spouse will most likely not agree on everything. An increasingly prevalent way that spouses attempt to gain leverage in court is through spying. In an age when couples frequently share smartphones, tablets and laptops, it is easier than ever for someone to find out what a former partner has been up to. 

A spouse may discover an ex has a problem of alcohol or other substances that could impact a child custody arrangement. It can also reveal how much money a person actually has, or that a person had an extramarital affair, even if it was simply emotional, during the marriage. While all pertinent information should certainly come to the forefront during the divorce process, you should still retain your privacy during this time. 

Is my attorney-client privilege at risk?

Norman residents with open criminal cases who watch or read the news may suddenly fear that their attorney-client privileges may be breached. Rest assured that this would be a highly unlikely occurrence in most typical criminal cases.

How, then, did the attorney for the President of the United States find himself on such precarious legal grounds? Given that this latest development is part of a large and ongoing federal investigation where much remains unrevealed, it's impossible to pinpoint the specifics.

What are some common defenses to criminal charges?

If you are charged with a criminal offense, you have to craft the best defense possible if you want to beat the charge in court.

Let's examine some viable strategies that you may choose to employ in your defense. While the strategy that you ultimately pursue will, of course, be dependent upon the individual circumstances surrounding your arrest, you may find that one or more are viable for your criminal defense.

Common scams you need to protect your elderly parent from

When a parent begins to slow down mentally with age or develops a cognitive condition, such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, it can feel like everything you know is falling apart. You relied on your parents most of your life first for your physical needs and then for their emotional support and wisdom as an adult. Now that you see your parent start to decline, you might fear for his or her financial security. Sadly, this is a valid concern for you and other Oklahoma residents in similar situations.

Scams targeting elderly Americans are not uncommon. The National Adult Protective Services Association claims that one out of every 20 seniors has been the victim of financial abuse. Your parent may have been wary of potential frauds in the past, but changing trends and evolving technology can make it difficult for even the sharpest of minds to suspect wrongdoing. The following scams frequently target the elderly and others who may fall prey to their sophisticated nature:

  • Emails claiming to be from a grandchild or other relative who has been stranded or arrested and needs cash wired to them to get them out of their situation
  • Fraudulent IRS phone calls stating the target will face fines or arrest for not paying back taxes
  • Phone calls from utility companies saying they will shut off service unless the target makes immediate payment
  • A computer virus directing the user to a hacker who offers to fix the computer for a large fee, then often locks up the computer beyond repair after taking payment
  • Caregivers, family members, friends, financial advisors or others who coerce or trick the senior into signing over power of attorney or access to bank accounts

Don't let your tank top tank your custody case

There are few things in life as important as fighting for the custody of your children, so parents in contested custody battles should arm themselves with every tool at their disposal.

One surprising way in which some parents fall far short of their custody goals is by failing to dress appropriately when they come to court.

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