Oklahoma Guardianships and Conservatorships

Families confronting the need for a guardianship or conservatorship are often experiencing a very turbulent period - a grandparent seeks to remove a child from an unhealthy parental environment, both biological parents of a child may have died in a tragic accident, an adult may, due to injury or disability, lack the capacity to car for himself or herself.

The Smalley Law Firm, in Norman can guide you through the legal process of petitioning for guardianship over a minor child or incapacitated adult. Additionally, we can provide parents the legal advice and counsel necessary when their parental rights are called into question.

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Central Oklahoma Guardianship Services

The Smalley Law Firm, offers many years of experience in helping clients resolve complexfamily law issues. Our attorney puts a premium on providing personalized client service. While we are dedicated to achieving your legal goals and preserving your interests, we also take pride in our commitment to counsel and guide you. We explain your rights and obligations and prepare you for the legal process.

Our guardianship services include:

  • Guardianships for minor children: The court may appoint a guardian over a minor child if it deems that both of the child's parents are unfit due to chemical dependency, child abuse or neglect, extended incarceration or other circumstances. Frequently, grandparents or other relatives are appointed as guardian in these situations. Essentially, the guardian has both physical and legal custody over the child.
  • Guardianships for adults: There are situations where it is necessary to petition for a guardianship over an adult who lacks the capacity to care for him or herself due to a physical disability or mental impairment. While a guardianship grants authority to handle the day-to-day needs of the incapacitated individual, a conservatorship (limited guardianship) grants the authority to handle only the financial affairs of the individual.

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