We Represent Military Families Going Through Divorce

Compared to many civilian couples, married servicemen and servicewomen have numerous relationship obstacles that stem from their careers. Long-term deployments, reassignments and numerous other issues can put strain on a marriage, and in some cases, result in divorce.

Family Law Representation Tailored Toward Military Families

At Smalley Law Firm, we offer family law services that address the unique needs of military families throughout Oklahoma. No matter the circumstances that led to your separation or divorce, our attorneys and staff can help you with the logistics of filing while the serving spouse is outside the state or overseas, resolve custody issues if young children are involved, and navigate the division of assets, including military pensions, retirement, insurance and other benefits. When we sit down together, we can review the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act (USFSPA) and any other applicable legislation that is unique to military divorce.

Having worked with family's from all walks of life, including numerous servicemen and servicewomen, we understand the numerous emotional and financial issues that can arise during a divorce or other family law dispute. We know that the lifestyle and culture surrounding military families is often unique to that of civilian couples.

Our Attorneys And Staff Combine Their Legal And Military Experiences To Better Serve Their Clients

After serving 14 years in the United States Air Force, with nine years spent as an aircrew member aboard the E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System Aircraft (AWACS) and three years as an Airborne Controller with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), attorney Bret Glenn combines his military experience with his legal knowledge and skill to provide aviators with comprehensive representation when handling enforcement cases. Mr. Glenn was stationed at Tinker Air Force Base for nine years, which provides him with perspective into some of the issues facing military families in Oklahoma.

From the beginning, we will take the time to listen as you explain your situation and your goals moving forward. By working together, we can build a strategy that protects you, your children and your future well-being.

The Compassionate Counsel And Strong Representation To Guide You Through Your Military Divorce

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