The Lasting Impact Of A Theft Conviction

When accused of a crime, it is common to think about the immediate penalties that will result from a conviction. When accused of a theft crime, however, it is important to think about the lasting impact of a conviction. Even after the fines are paid and time is served, you will have a mark on your criminal record that may prevent you from getting a job. Without a job, it will be difficult to go back to a normal life and be a productive member of society.

At Smalley Law Firm in Norman, we think about these things. Having handled criminal defense cases for more than 25 years, we understand the long-lasting impact of a conviction. When you come to us to fight a theft charge, you can be certain that we are not only thinking about your immediate future, but your entire life in the long term. Our attorneys want to get you through this so you can get back to living a normal life.

Understanding Oklahoma Theft Charges

In Oklahoma, theft is known as larceny and falls into two primary categories: petit larceny and grand larceny. Petit larceny, sometimes referred to as petty larceny, is charged when the item allegedly stolen is valued at less than $500. Grand larceny is charged when the item allegedly stolen is valued at $500 or more or when the item is stolen directly off of the victim's body.

There are further classifications based on the item stolen. For example, there are specific statutes that address theft of a motor vehicle and theft of farm equipment.

Theft charges like shoplifting may also come with a civil component. In addition to criminal penalties, you may have to pay civil penalties, and the cost of the item stolen is just the start of those penalties. You may also have to pay for the victim's court costs and more.

Protect Your Record, Reputation, And Future

If you have been accused of theft in any form or any similar charge such as robbery or burglary, you need to work with an experienced lawyer who understands the law and will fight to protect your record, reputation, and future. We encourage you to call 405-322-5653 or send an email to get us involved as soon as possible.