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Benefits of co-parenting

Sadly, divorce is a common occurrence in Oklahoma. Working out child custody and visitation can be very stressful. In child custody disputes, the Oklahoma law courts use a philosophy of “what is the best interest of the children.” In most cases, the best interest of the child is to have a relationship with both parents. Fortunately, if parents can work out an acceptable parenting plan, then the courts do not have to step in and make arrangements that might not be good for all the parties involved. 

3 estate planning steps to take when you are retiring

Maintaining your finances and securing your estate plan as you approach retirement is crucial. You must consider whether you are taking the necessary steps to ensure your finances are in order for a comfortable retirement and adequate inheritance for your heirs. No matter what your income or net worth is, it is important for you to have an estate plan in place.

5 responsibilities of being an executor

Being chosen as an executor means you are given a lot of responsibility. You must protect the money and property of your deceased loved one until probate is completed. If you sell assets or allow someone to tamper with them in any way, you could get in legal trouble. Knowing the responsibilities of an executor will help you decide whether you are willing to serve or wish for the court to name a new one. Here are the guidelines of being an executor.

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