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What does the law say about loaning your firearms?

Rarely will you find an issue as polarizing as gun ownership and Second Amendment rights. Both sides have legitimate concerns and valid points, but the debate is not likely to be resolved anytime soon.

What is also murky about gun laws is the legality of allowing another person to use or borrow your firearm. Friends often swap rifles and shotguns on hunting trips and let others use pistols to target shoot at the range.

But what does the law say about loaning your gun to someone else? If the situation goes south in a hurry and somebody get shot, could you face liability?

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that, under the Constitution, individuals have the right to own firearms "for lawful purposes." Yet federal laws prohibit those who have been convicted of felony charges from owning or possessing firearms.

That means if you intend to loan your weapon to someone, you should know the person well. If he or she is a convicted felon who uses your gun to commit another crime (or even just gets caught with it), you could open yourself up to potential liability for any damages that result.

In Oklahoma, the gun laws are relatively liberal. Still, if you irresponsibly loan a firearm to a person who would otherwise not be allowed access to one, and someone is killed or injured as a result of your breach of duty and negligence, it's possible that you could face criminal or civil reprisals for your actions.

Gun charges are serious matters, and convictions can adversely affect almost every aspect of your life. If you were arrested on gun charges, you need to mount a strong defense to the allegations.

Source: FindLaw, "Is It Illegal to Let a Friend Borrow Your Gun?," Jeffrey Yano, Esq., Feb. 15, 2018

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