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Should you consult with an attorney about your aging parent?

As the adult child of an elderly parent, you are likely facing many questions that come about when people face issues regarding the final decade or years of their life. If your parent is elderly and may be facing health care issues in the not-too-distant future, it is not too early to begin questioning what role you will play.

Many adult children of elderly parents eventually have to provide care and make decisions regarding their parents' wishes. Some advance preparation can make all the difference when your parents are elderly. It is best to act before a crisis strikes and talk to your elderly parents about their wishes before they are in a situation in which they can no longer actively make decisions on their own behalf.

Elderly parents and end-of-life wishes

As your parents near the final years of their lives, specific legal matters become important. Wills, trusts and powers of attorney are all issues that you may wish to discuss not only with your elderly parents but also with a qualified elder law attorney. Elder law attorneys work specifically with issues that concern how to distribute assets after death and can help you and your elderly parents make decisions about this. 

If you attempt to handle some of the technical issues regarding elder law by yourself, you may be taking a risk. Elder law attorneys know how to help guide you and your elderly parents through the specifics of planning for asset distribution, especially in particularly complex situations. Hiring an elder law attorney could likely be one of the best investments you and your parents can make in order to ensure peace of mind for the future and avoiding long, drawn-out court battles or family conflicts.

Customization in planning

Each and every family is different, which is why every plan for elderly parents should be a custom one for the individual. A qualified elder law attorney can help you understand your unique situation and the most effective strategy for your elderly parents. Attorneys can also help you with legal instruments such as powers of attorney that become critical when an elderly parent becomes incapacitated and unable to make decisions on his or her own behalf.

If your parents are aging, it makes sense for you and them to consult with an attorney to develop an effective strategy for the future. The investment you make now can pay significant dividends in terms of peace of mind and reduced conflict.

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