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Do not post on social media during a DUI case

Social media becomes more prevalent each and every day. Facebook alone has two billion monthly users, and people create six new profiles every second, according to Brandwatch. 

You may have gotten so used to posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat all the time that you post without even thinking. However, when you await a criminal trial, such as one for a DUI, you need to stay off Facebook at all costs. Posting will do more harm than good, and you should make sure you inform your attorney of all active social media accounts you have. 

The prosecution can use information on social media as evidence

This area of law has slowly developed more over the years as lawmakers try to figure out whether using social media infringes on people's Fourth Amendment rights to have protection against unlawful search and seizures. You definitely should not post anything else on social media as you await a trial, and you should set the privacy settings to the highest possible. You should also avoid accepting any new friend requests, particularly from people you have never met. Attorneys on the opposing side may create a fake account to befriend you on Facebook to access your photos and posts. 

Tell your attorney everything you posted recently

When you speak to a DUI attorney, you need to inform him or her of what incriminating evidence may be on your social media pages. This could include photos from the night in question showing you drinking. The attorney will advise you not to delete the photos outright because that is destruction of evidence. However, by being aware of what evidence is out there, your legal counsel can adequately build a defense. 

Ask friends to not post anything about you

You do not want anything about your DUI trial to end up on social media. Ask friends to avoid mentioning you in anything. You should also ask them to not post any pictures of you that the prosecution could use as evidence.

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