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Defense strategies for criminal cases

If you are charged with a crime in Oklahoma, you need to devise a defense strategy immediately. The most effective strategy will naturally depend upon the circumstances and the charge you face.

Regardless of the specifics, there are some common defenses to criminal charges that may fit your particular situation. Carefully consider each one as it applies to your situation.

I wasn't there and didn't do it

Otherwise known as "the complete denial," if you truly are innocent, were set-up or somehow got misidentified, this may be your best strategy. For instance, if you are charged with robbing a 7-11 but were actually 200 miles away using your player's card on the slots at the casino, you may be able to avoid a trial and get the charges dropped.

I did it, but it was self-defense

In another example, you are charged with assault with a deadly weapon for running down a man and seriously injuring him in the process. However, suppose the man you struck with your vehicle was the third man in a love triangle with you and your wife, and he was charging at your car while loading his handgun. Self-defense is a legitimate defense when your life or the lives of others are at risk.

OK, I did it

Even when a defendant confesses, a good criminal defense attorney can make the case that the confession was coerced, the client was never properly Mirandized or toss other roadblocks into the prosecution's case.

Keep in mind, however, that when a defendant confesses to participating in a crime, it makes the defense attorney's work more difficult. It's better to admit nothing and answer no questions without your attorney by your side.

Source: FindLaw, "Criminal Defense Strategies," accessed Jan. 05, 2018

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