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Factors that affect blood alcohol content

Many people end up drinking and driving in the state of Oklahoma every year. When police pull a car over on suspicion of driving under the influence, they will check the driver's blood alcohol content to see if it is over 0.08. While people should ideally drive with a BAC of zero, they can technically get off the hook as long as it is lower than 0.08. A variety of factors impact this number. 

Drivers need to be aware of how alcohol affects them personally. One person may still be well under the 0.08 limit with two alcohol drinks while two drinks will put someone else over the edge. 

Qualities of the drinks themselves

Different types of alcohol come with different percentages. For example, a bottle of beer will come with a lower percentage than a shot of vodka. With that being said, most people can metabolize a single drink of alcohol in one hour. Therefore, a person's blood alcohol content will be higher if the driver drank multiple drinks in one hour rather than spacing them out over the course of the evening. Finally, people should not drink alcohol on an empty stomach. With an empty stomach, the person will absorb alcohol more quickly. 

The drinker's body

People who weigh more will be less affected by alcohol than people who are relatively light. The reason for this is that heavier people have more water in their bodies to dilute the alcohol content. Additionally, a person's biological gender impacts alcohol absorption. Men tend to have more water in their bodies while women typically have more body tissue to absorb alcohol. Additionally, a person's natural metabolic rate plays a role. This comes down to genetics, so some people are simply better equipped naturally to deal with alcohol. 

Finally, teenagers should never drink and get behind the wheel. There is a zero-tolerance policy, so if a teen only has a BAC of 0.01, he or she will face arrest. 

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