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A dozen reasons why deadbeat parents don't pay up

If you are a parent to children whose other parent is a deadbeat mom or dad, you probably have wondered why your ex chose to eschew paying support for the kids. Below are some common reasons for parents to dodge their support obligations.

  1. They think the children are better off with themselves completely out of their lives.
  2. Some believe they're unable to provide for their kids.
  3. They may be unemployed, without any sources of income.
  4. They move frequently and lack stability.
  5. A child support modification may have been denied by the courts.
  6. They feel like they were tricked into parenthood.
  7. Some parents are unduly influenced by others who belittle them.
  8. They may have another spouse or partner who is threatened by the relationship with their kids and the support that is ordered.
  9. They may think that the custodial parent has no need of support.
  10. They have issues with "the system" that ordered them to pay.
  11. Some may owe so much in back child support amounts that they can never catch up.
  12. They don't fear the consequences of having unpaid child support debts.

What you can do about a deadbeat ex

First and foremost, it's vital to reassure your children that their parent's failure to pay support is not their fault and doesn't indicate that mom or dad doesn't love them.

But that does not mean that you should forego pursuing the deadbeat parent for the funds that are owed to your child(ren). Retaining an Oklahoma family law attorney to assist you in your pursuit is one option you can explore.

Source: the spruce, "21 Reasons Why Deadbeat Parents Bail on Their Kids," Jennifer Wolf, accessed Sep. 15, 2017

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