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How can a DUI affect divorce proceedings?

Most people are aware of the dangers of drunk driving, and yet, many still engage in it every year. According to data collected from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, over 3,500 drivers were found to be in an alcohol-related condition while driving in 2015 alone. 

A DUI arrest will lead to challenges, but it becomes highly detrimental if the person is also in the middle of divorce proceedings. A divorce is already stressful, and people's better judgment often becomes sidelined. One mistake can lead to numerous headaches throughout the divorce process. 

It can complicate matters discussed in the divorce

Determining child custody is a common aspect of divorce. The matter may require a judge's intervention if the two parents cannot reach a consensus on their own. A DUI looks bad when figuring out custody, even if the parent has an otherwise clean record. A DUI can make a judge assume a parent is not fit for custody or only deserves a small amount of time with the child. It is not worth it to jeopardize such an important issue by drinking and driving. 

It creates more financial turmoil

Divorce is an expensive process. A person's finances may already be at their limit, and a DUI simply adds to it. In addition to paying attorneys for representation in court, the person now also has to pay other lawyers for drunk driving representation. At this time, the person will probably not have access to joint funds, so he or she has to handle this alone. Aside from money, going to court for a DUI eats up more time, creating additional stress. 

It leads to emotional distress

No matter what else a person currently faces, a DUI is always going to be stressful. Even if the two former spouses got along reasonably well, a DUI can strain that relationship further, making divorce proceedings even more painful than they need to be.  



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