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How to recognize signs of parental alienation in kids

It's a shame that some parents don't keep their kids out of their divorces, but the fact remains that some moms and dads use their kids to get even with their exes for ending the relationship.

One of the most devastating ways to do this is to alienate the child from their other parent. By manipulating vulnerable children's emotions, these parents can drive rifts between their children and their exes that may never be fully be repaired.

Signs of parental alienation include the following:

  • Your ex wants to postpone, refuse or cut short visitation and other time spent with you for no apparent reason.
  • Your son or daughter starts denigrating you all of a sudden, questioning your motives, calling you names or accusing you of the same character flaws that their other parent did. Yet he or she is practically worshiped by the child, with all transgressions overlooked.
  • Your child appears ashamed or afraid to share positive experiences with you, especially if he or she thinks it will get back to their other parent.

What can a parent in such a situation do to salvage what remains of the parent-child relationship?

The Oklahoma courts are strict with those behind attempts at parental alienation because it is not in the best interests of the child, which is the guiding principal of all family law judges regarding matters of custody and visitation.

To protect and preserve both your and your child's right to a close and loving relationship, you may be forced to take additional legal action against your former spouse once parental alienation has been attempted.

Source: First Wives World, "5 Signs Your Ex is Turning Your Child Against You," Amy J. L. Baker, accessed July 28, 2017

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