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April 2017 Archives

Hard topics: When Mom or Dad can no longer live alone

It's likely one of the most heart-wrenching decision adult children will ever have to make — stepping in when an elderly parent is no longer safe while living alone. The situation can be exacerbated if the elderly person refuses to entertain the idea of moving to an assisted living center or other supervised accommodations. Simply bringing up the topic ensures eruptions of distress, anger and agitation will ensue.

You could face murder charges in Oklahoma without killing anyone

One of the biggest mistakes people make who are charged with, but innocent of, murder is thinking the system will save them from conviction. The legal system works well in bringing guilty parties to justice, but it is not without its flaws. Convicting people of murder even though they did not kill anyone is one of the system's most tragic flaws.

Can I write a letter expressing guardianship wishes for my child?

Absolutely not! In fact, even thinking along those lines places you inside a little-known parenting danger zone. That zone has to do with believing in myth instead of reality. There are many legal myths associated with children and family law. However, since you asked specifically about guardianship, this post will address a few common concerns.

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