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When science fails to protect you, get a lawyer that will

In our blog, we recently discussed how the law enforcement system can fail defendants, leading to false confessions. This time, we would like to talk about ways that science can fail defendants, leading to wrongful convictions.

Forensic science is a really big deal in the legal arena, used by both prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers to support their arguments. It can make or break a case and it can save or doom a defendant. The public has come to trust in forensic science to shine the light of truth on the darkness typically associated with alleged criminal activity.

Unfortunately, science can fail in some cases whether by error or by design. Our friends at the Innocence Project have once again provided information to support our subject matter for this blog post. Below you will find some examples of "misapplication of forensic science" with the potential to result in a wrongful conviction.

-- Unreliable or largely inaccurate forensic science disciplines, such as comparing bite marks

-- Blatant misconduct by a forensics analyst, such as fabricating results or hiding legitimate evidence

-- Inaccurate or misleading courtroom testimony given by a forensics analyst

We are not saying that all forensic science is bogus and should be discarded. On the contrary, the proper use of forensic disciplines that have been proven valid is a great help to defendants. What we are saying is that any Oklahoma resident charged with a crime should seek a criminal defense lawyer that who is prepared to question any potentially false or unreliable forensic testing.

Protecting you and fighting for your rights should always be your lawyer's main goals. We invite you to read more about criminal defense on our legal website or in our blog.

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