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Let's talk about Oklahoma's death penalty

Like most people, you probably place a high value on your life. Now, suppose you have been arrested for a serious criminal offense like murder. For the sake of our example, let's assume that you are innocent or extenuating circumstances outside of your control led to a person's death.

Would you choose to ride it out, trusting that the truth will set you free, or would you seek criminal defense help to prove your case? It may be hard to believe but many Oklahoma defendants have chosen the first option, trusting that the system is on their side.

Now, let's talk about something you might not know. Oklahoma leads the nation in executions. Per capita, our state has conducted the most executions since 1976. Here are a few more facts about capital punishment in our state.

-- Between 1915 and 2004, Oklahoma executed 156 people, three of them women.

-- Seventy-three people were executed by lethal injection between 1990 and 2004.

-- Before adopting lethal injection, Oklahoma electrocuted 82 people and hanged one starting in 1915.

Now, how would you answer the question above? Would you still ride it out or would you seek help with your criminal defense? Most people might change their answer after learning how Oklahoma as a whole approaches serious criminal activity.

We want to advise all residents of the state not to willingly risk their lives by choosing not to fight. Whether guilty, innocent or victimized by circumstances or when your life is on the line, it is your right to defend yourself. You can find additional information about Oklahoma criminal defense by browsing our website. We also invite you to contribute to this important conversation in the comment section below.

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