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March 2017 Archives

Do you need to include your pet in your estate plan?

Pets are a strange gray area when it comes to estate planning. While you may not think of your dog as property, thinking of him as part of the family, he is legally another piece of property that you own. It means that you may want to include the pet as a part of your estate plan to ensure that your wishes are followed and that someone else is able to care for the pet if you pass away first.

Family law | Tips to help make property division easier

Our family law attorneys field many questions during the property division phase of divorce. One question we frequently hear is, "What are some tips to make property division easier?" Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all answer. Like other elements of divorce, the process of dividing marital property is often unique to the relationship and to the spouses.

Estate planning basics: will vs. trust

If you are interested in determining where your assets go once you die, then estate planning is a smart choice. It is only natural to want to have a say in what happens to the money and property you have made and saved. There are several different estate planning techniques, including establishing a will or trust. Your estate planning strategy depends on your needs and circumstances.

Before adopting, learn about Oklahoma's consent laws

For many Oklahoma residents, adopting a child is a dream come true. It is a uniquely rewarding experience for most of the involved parties. The adoptive parents get to love and nurture a child; the child receives a home and unconditional love; and the biological parents get peace of mind with the knowledge that the child will have a special life. Even the family law attorneys involved share in the joy of adoption.

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