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Keep your family values alive with good estate planning

What are family values? Essentially, they are ethical and moral principles that promote the health of the family unit. Nearly all of us have family values, even if we do not recognize them. Perhaps your grandparents taught your parents to be kind and honest. In turn, your parents taught you the same and you passed this philosophy on to your own children.

It may come as a surprise, but these traditional teachings that have been handed down in your family for generations are important family values. Many of us want to make sure our children, our grandchildren and so on do not lose these values. Perhaps even more importantly, we want to build on these values from generation to generation, adding values that seem important and eliminating those that seem too old fashioned in a modern world.

As get older, we worry about our deaths in unexpected ways. Instead of thinking about the inescapable fact that we will one day cease to live, we now worry what will happen to our families without our influence. Preserving the family's legacy and values becomes increasingly important as we age.

One way you can ensure your important family values endure is through estate planning. The era in which a simple will or a basic trust met a family's needs is over. Today, we have the legal means to protect our families financially and morally with customized estate plans.

A large portion of our practice is devoted to customized estate planning so that all residents of Norman, Oklahoma, may pass on their own values and traditions for generations to come. Please read more about estate planning on our website.

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