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February 2017 Archives

Why do innocent people make false confessions?

To people who have never been the subject of a police interrogation, falsely confessing to any crime is inconceivable. However, anyone can give in to the strange allure of making a false confession, even residents of quiet Oklahoma towns. Further, these confessions occur more often than many people believe.

4 dangerous domestic violence and child custody myths

Child custody proceedings can bring out the worst in people, particularly if domestic violence is also a factor. If you are embroiled in your own child custody battle that has elements of violence or abuse, you likely already know this. What you might not know is that believing in certain custody myths might worsen the risk for you and for your children.

Keep your family values alive with good estate planning

What are family values? Essentially, they are ethical and moral principles that promote the health of the family unit. Nearly all of us have family values, even if we do not recognize them. Perhaps your grandparents taught your parents to be kind and honest. In turn, your parents taught you the same and you passed this philosophy on to your own children.

Early defense measures are critical when accused of sex crimes

Like most other states, Oklahoma imposes severe, life-changing penalties for the conviction of sex crimes. For those who are accused or already arrested, you need to understand that your acquittal is never guaranteed, even if you are completely innocent. This is why we advise anyone involved in allegations of sex crimes to seek legal representation right away.

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