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December 2016 Archives

Food processor recall highlights product liability dangers

The tools and technology we take for granted are sometimes defective, with serious consequences. Routine items appear safe. When you pick them up and use them, you don't always take precautions because experience says you don't need to.

You need specialized help for American Indian wills

If you are an American Indian, then one thing you need to be informed about is how your property would be distributed if you did not have a will at the time of your death. The American Indian Probate Reform Act has been enacted and has changed the way your ownership rights in trust or restricted land works unless it's in the State of Alaska. The Act changes how your property is distributed if you don't have a will, which makes having one even more important than in the past.

What is shared parenting in Oklahoma?

Children who are in the middle of their parents divorcing can suffer from negative impacts. In the past, it was believed that with very few exceptions, children belonged with their parents. Recently, it become more commonplace for parents to have a shared parenting model for child custody. Many believe that this is a better option for the children since they can have both parents equally involved in their upbringing.

7 Myths About Oklahoma Divorce

Divorce is stressful. Unfortunately, much of the stress comes from misconceptions about how divorce works in Oklahoma. Understanding how divorce really works can reduce the stress. To that end, we would like to dispel some of the most common divorce myths:

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