Minor Children Guardianships

Unfortunately, there are many circumstances that can negate a parent from being able to provide necessary care to a child. Whether the parent is unwilling, unable or has unexpectedly passed without naming a guardian, it can become essential for someone other than a parent to seek guardianship of minor children. The Smalley Law Firm in Norman, OK has helped many Oklahoma family members and unrelated adults in filing guardianshippetitions for minor children in need of guidance and love.

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Helping OK Children in Need

Minor children should have an adult or adults in their lives that can care for them and meet their needs. Too many children suffer abuse, neglect or tragic loss and become a disheartening statistic to our society. At the Smalley Law Firm, we offer personable, resourceful and reputable representation as your family attorney to ensure you receive the desired outcome, and the children's well-being is placed foremost in the process.

Important Responsibilities of Guardianship of Minor Children

While each case is unique and presents different benefits and responsibilities, there are many considerations to establishing guardianship over a minor child. As a legal guardian, you will be allowed to:

  • Oversee his or her medical care; establish important health care
  • Handle state benefits for the child
  • Enroll the child in school
  • Help make imperative life decisions
  • Ensure the child's overall well-being

You must be aware of the enormous responsibility of becoming a legal guardian to minor children. Smalley Law Firm can help you prove to the OK court that you have the child's best interest as your focus and that the child does not have a parent who can provide an appropriate environment for the child.

Guardianship Scenarios for Minor Children

Our firm has helped individuals and couples establish guardianship for minor children under various circumstances. A few examples of differing scenarios include:

  • Guardianship for a minor child with the consent of the parents - in these cases, the judge may wave the court appearance and our firm will help you establish the necessary legal documents to prevent complications in the future if the parents have a change of heart.
  • Guardianship for minor children if the parents object - this type of case is handled in a manner similar to a custody battle. The person(s) seeking guardianship and the parents will have to present their case to the court and the judge will determine if guardianship is awarded.
  • Guardianship for minor children without a parent - if a parent is not living or has been deemed incapacitated, and no guardian was designated by the parents, then our family attorney team can help you establish a case to petition for guardianship.

OK Family Attorney

The Smalley Law Firm offers OK residents an uncommon personable atmosphere to help guide you through your family law needs. We will handle each necessary step to establish guardianship and ensure the well-being of the children. Contact our firm today to schedule your initial consultation. Call 405-801-2222 today!