Child Support

We Help You Plan for, Alter or Enforce Child Support

One of the primary duties of a parent is to fully support the growth, health and development of their children. For a primary caregiver/custodial parent, this includes everything from keeping a roof over their heads to shuttling them to school or practice, but following a divorce the term "child support" takes on another meaning.

In the eyes of the law, child support is considered the responsibility of a non-custodial parent to provide direct financial support for any children in the form of payments to custodial parent. At the Norman law office of Smalley & Associates, PC we work with all aspects of child support, whether in crafting an agreement or enforcing it.

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Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities

The guidelines that define child support are specific and straightforward, with very little room for interpretation or negotiation. In most cases the court simply plugs each parent's income into a statutorily-established calculation to determine who owes child support and how much. While our lawyer can help in circumstances where discovery of income is complicated by business ownership, entrepreneurial enterprises or hidden assets, for most families the issue is resolved quickly as part of a divorce agreement.

Things can change after a divorce, and our firm can help you modify an existing child support agreement if circumstances existing at the time of the divorce significantly change or enforce an existing order by using the justice system.

If you are the recipient of child support, and your former spouse fails to live up to the agreement, we can take strong and aggressive legal action to hold them responsible, including:

  • Collections
  • Seeking a court judgment
  • Wage garnishment
  • Levy of bank accounts
  • Jail time

On the other hand, if at some point after your divorce, it becomes clear that your former spouse is employed in a better position or has individual access to better income, you may be able to seek modifications to match the new situation.

Discuss Your Case With an Attorney

We handle child support issues during and beyond the divorce phase. Whether you need reliable representation to fully uncover your spouse's assets during dissolution, need to enforce an existing agreement or seek to modify child support based on changed circumstances, we can help.

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