Drug Distribution Charges Are Serious

If proof is needed of how tough Oklahoma drug laws are, look no further than how easy it is to be charged with drug distribution.

In other states, the line between drug possession and drug distribution is drawn based on the quantity of drugs involved. In Oklahoma, however, law enforcement is given much more leeway. Police can allege intent to distribute based on factors such as having plastic baggies or other so-called packaging materials or having what they deem to be large amounts of money.

Furthermore, the charge is drug distribution, not sale. In other words, there does not have to be any evidence of a financial transaction for a person to be charged with distribution. Simply sharing marijuana with a friend can be classified as drug distribution.

The Possibility Of Life In Prison Makes Strong Defense A Must

Needless to say, many people are ensnared by drug distribution charges. With penalties that can include hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and life in prison, it is imperative that anyone accused of this crime enlist an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately.

At Smalley Law Firm in Norman, we meet tough charges and tough penalties with tough criminal defense representation. We are trial attorneys, unwilling to simply give up and accept a plea bargain that will ruin your life forever. We build every case with the knowledge that we may have to fight for you in front of a judge and jury. Over the course of more than 25 years, we have earned an impressive reputation for winning such fights.

There is no reason to give up in these cases. Our lawyers will examine the evidence from top to bottom. How were you arrested? Was there investigation prior to the arrest? If so, was it handled properly and were warrants used correctly? Was the arrest the result of a traffic stop? If so, was the stop performed correctly? Is there indication of illegal search and seizure? If there are flaws in the case against you, we will shine a light on them.

We will build a defense strategy to protect you against overzealous prosecution and aggressive drug distribution charges. We encourage you to call 405-322-5653 or send an email so we can begin protecting your rights immediately.