The individuals we represent in drunk driving cases all have one thing in common: they are going through one of the most stressful and confusing situations a person can face. Not only do our clients face punishment on their criminal case but also must deal with the Department of Public Safety regarding their driver's license issues. Oftentimes people do not even know where to begin when faced with this situation. You only have 15 days from the time you are arrested to preserve your right to fight for your driver's license. And if you have a Commercial Driver's License, the stakes are even higher.

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Conducting a Proper DUI Defense

The only way to properly handle a DUI case is to treat each and every one the same. We accomplish this by always obtaining and reviewing every piece of evidence against you. If there is video evidence available, we will fight for your right to secure and view it. You need a DUI lawyer that you can rely on to properly handle your case and ensure you are receiving the best possible outcome, not just the first offer from the State like other "bargain" DUI attorneys may receive. Too often in DUI cases some mistake was made or the proof is lacking. The only way to know for sure is by viewing and analyzing every shred of evidence and being more prepared than the State's prosecutor.

Comprehensive and Practical DUI Representation

Our firm is focused on two things: protecting your rights and resolving your case as favorably as possible. Even if that means taking your case to trial we will do everything to represent your interests. Our goal is to effectively defend your case against the State and do everything possible to protect your driver's license.

The Smalley Law Firm helps you understand all the issues that may be raised in your DUI case, such as:

We work with all many clients, adapting our practice to meet your needs. Whether your case is resolved through a plea deal or taken all the way to Jury Trial, we will make sure you understand every step our firm takes to represent your interests. For all clients, we bring a commitment to service, the strength of experience, and a focus on meeting your needs.

If legal issues should arise in the future, our attorneys are here to revisit your situation and provide you with the same level of committed representation as we guide you through any probation revocation actions or further Driver's License Revocation issues.

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